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Seetie Sanitary Napkin 16 Pad

৳ 200.00

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  • 4 Pieces: 250mm
  • 8 Pieces: 290mm
  • 4 Pieces: 180mm

Sanitary napkin:
1. 360°complete sealed design. It is the latest package system, effectively isolated air intrusion of bacteria. You are relieved to take out a single pack.

2. Natural cotton surface is soft and delicate, rapid infiltration and no muggy feeling. It cares your skin intimately. Itsadvantage of healthy and comfortable, makes it suitable for sensitive physique.

3. Sanitary napkin core, complete filled with lots of magic absorption factor. It can absorb instantaneous and no reverse osmosis. This keeps the surface of the napkin dry and comfortable. You would feel relax in your special days.

4. 0 .1cm ultra slim design. You even can not feel it.

5. Both sides are with ultra wide leak-proof edge, effectively intercept heavy flow, and ensure of any side leakage.

6. Butterfly wings design. A unique patented design, imitate of butterfly wings, novel appearance attract eyesight fast.ensure of any side leakage.

7. Plant essence of lavender is sprayed on the napkin core, it makes you feel cool and sweet smell.

Sanitary napkin:
blue sanitary fabric core can speed up absorption, and it is with healthy additives: lavender essence, mentha haplocalyx essence, medicine of antibiosis and anti-inflammatory.

Sanitary core with 50g swelling paper coating, it is water prevention. Ensure of steady absorption and avoid of getting lumps.

release paer without printing for back. single color release paper with brand logo for wings.

non-woven punched spunbond fabrics in the middle, it is dry after the water passed. Two sides are water-prevention fabrics, no leak-proof.

135g composite paper, including 30% super absorption factors, it can absorb more than 100g water..

adopt cast film with pressed dots, looks clean and clear. breathability is a good point for marketing.

adopt pressed dots membrane, looks clean and clear.


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